CML– 2019 Topics of interest

1. General topics:

- Philosophy of Language and Mind
- Cognitive Models of Language Phenomena
- Formal Models in Language and Cognition
- Cognitive - Oriented Computer Applications and Linguistic Resources

2. Models and Studies:

- Speech Perception and Production
- Emotions and Language, Emotions and Computer Interface
- Cognitive Analyses of Sentiment
- Psycholinguistics and Psychosemantics
- Semiotics, Semantics and Pragmatics
- Language Processes, Memory and Thought
- Child Speech and Language Acquisition
- Typology of Language, Genesis, Development
- Translation and Cognition
- Speech Impairments
- Language Disorders
- Cognitive Aspects of Theology
- Cognitive Aspects of Information Technologies Development and Use

3. Cognitive Linguistics

- Metaphor Theory
- Mental Lexicon and Lexicon Ontology
- Naive World View and Verbalisation
- Knowledge Conceptualisation and Verbalisation
- Cognitive Mechanisms of Text Processing
- Cognitive Models of Language Teaching
- Specific Nature of Human Language Kinds