CMSCE-2019: Topics of interest

1. Methodology

1.1. General Problems of Cognitive Science
1.2. Schematization, Designing and Modelling
1.3. Consciousness Modelling
1.4. Cognition in Modelling
1.5. Cognitive Modelling of Activity and Behaviour
1.6. Decision Making

2. Sciences about the World and a Man

2.1. World View and World Image
2.2. Cognitive Processes
2.3. Irrational and Rational in Cognition
2.4. Cognitive Styles and Thinking Style
2.5. Emotions and Cognition
2.6. Cognitive Psychophysiology
2.7. Cognitive Aspects of Medicine, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology
2.8. Cognitive aspects of adaptation of physically challenged people
2.9. Cognitive aspects of expanding the functions of the world perception
2.10. Cognitive Aspects of Economics and Management

3. Culture

3.1. Culture and Cognitive Processes
3.2. Cognitive and Cognitive-Linguistic Forms of Culture
3.3. Cognitive Basis of Creative Activity
3.4. Cognitive Aspects of Creativity (music, chess, art, etc.)
3.5. Sports and Cognitive Modelling

4. Education

4.1. Cognitive-Information Paradigm in Education
4.2. Educational Technologies and Cognitive Modelling
4.3. Cognizing Subject and Activity Subject
4.4. Educational Environment
4.5. Cognitive Andragogics