Evaluation Criteria of Article

1. Innovative level (!!!!!)

2. Professional level

3. Theoretical background

4. Clarity of research objective

5. Empirical basis

6. Having specific findings

7. Clearly specified research findings

8. Well-stated conclusions

9. Relevance for cognitive paradigm

10. Interdisciplinary clarity

11. Interdisciplinary importance

12. General quality of material presentation (style, language, logic etc.)


The most innovative materials presented at the forum by full-time participants (20 reports), will be recommended by the Program Committee for publication in “International Journal of Research in the field of cognitive science, engineering and education”  (IJCRSEE). The authors of the selected works will be asked to submit an extended version of their article, which will be thoroughly reviewed by two experts in accordance with the criteria of the journal. The extended articles will not be published in the general Forum Proceedings.